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Become a Partner

Partnering with Flare

If you represent a students' union, student group or community organisation, partnering with Flare offers a way to promote safety for your stakeholders while growing your exposure and reach. For non-profit organisations and charities, partnering with Flare is completely free. In exchange for help promoting Flare, your organisation will be entitled to:

  1. Media and Association Opportunities: Partnering with Flare visibly demonstrates your organisation's commitment to community safety. You will be included in all press releases and media announcements, growing your reach and exposure to stakeholders.

  2. Sponsorship: Flare partners are invited to advertise in the app using our unobtrusive sponsorship system. Each Flare partner is entitled to free sponsorship for the duration of three months.

  3. Join the Advisory Board: All our partners come together three times per year to discuss promoting an agenda for community safety. As a partner, you are invited to participate in these regular sessions.

Become a Partner

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