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Flare Teams Up with ThinkMental KCL to Prioritize Student Safety and Mental Well-being

Flare is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ThinkMental, a society at King's College London dedicated to improving mental health and fostering a supportive community. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of students on campus.

Safiya Ahmad, President of ThinkMental, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, "ThinkMental is very excited to begin working with Flare, a company who are dedicated to ensuring and protecting the safety of students on campus. This partnership is incredibly important for us as a society in providing our members with a platform to ensure their safety and through this approach it enables a quick and effective way for students to seek support. Flare’s unique approach gives students the immediate reassurance that help is only one tap away and this will no doubt leave a positive change for university students."

Safiya Ahmad, President of ThinkMental KCL, expresses enthusiasm about the society's partnership with Flare

Through this partnership, Flare and ThinkMental aim to integrate the app's innovative safety features into mental health initiatives, creating a comprehensive approach to student well-being. Flare's one-tap emergency messaging system provides an additional layer of support for students facing mental health challenges, offering a quick and effective way to seek help.

"We know this partnership will help us protect the mental health, wellbeing, and safety amongst the student community, whilst further expanding the student security services available within universities," added Safiya Ahmad.

The collaboration aligns with ThinkMental's values of communication and community, creating spaces for open discussions on mental health issues, campaigning for mental health awareness, and educating students about current mental health issues.


About Flare: Flare is an emergency SOS app designed to provide a fast and discreet way for users to send emergency messages. With its unique one-tap feature, users can instantly release an SOS message from their lock screen notification, ensuring help is just a tap away. Tailored especially for young people and students, Flare is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

About ThinkMental: ThinkMental at King's College London is a society working towards improving the mental health of students through open communication and community building. They organize events such as Tea and Talk and Student Stories, creating spaces for students to discuss mental health issues and raising awareness on campus.


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