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Flare Partners with Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SASHA) in Leeds University

Flare is delighted to partner with Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SASHA) at the University of Leeds. Our collaboration marks a fusion of technology and advocacy, aimed at combating sexual assault and promoting a culture of safety and respect within university communities.

SASHA is an influential student-led organization dedicated to raising awareness and campaigning against sexual harassment and assault in universities and beyond. Their commitment to providing safe spaces, educating on issues of sexual violence, and amplifying the voices of survivors through real-life testimonies has made a significant impact at both the University of Leeds and across the UK more broadly.

Kay Corbin, Secretary of Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SASHA) expresses enthusiasm about partnering with Flare

Kay Corbin, Secretary of SASHA, shared her enthusiasm about the partnership, "SASHA is incredibly excited to begin working with Flare, a company whose remarkable dedication to enhancing personal safety perfectly complements our mission. This partnership represents a pivotal moment for us, as it strengthens our ability to serve and protect our student community. Flare's innovative solutions and proactive approach align seamlessly with our commitment to student support. We are confident that this collaboration will help us foster a culture of safety and well-being within the student community, setting new standards for student security."

By integrating Flare's cutting-edge technology, which allows users to send emergency messages with just one tap with SASHA's comprehensive approach to student welfare, this partnership aims to empower students at the University of Leeds with confidence on campus.


About Flare: Flare is an emergency SOS app designed to provide a fast and discreet way for users to send emergency messages. With its unique one-tap feature, users can instantly release an SOS message from their lock screen notification, ensuring help is just a tap away. Tailored especially for young people and students, Flare is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

About Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SASHA): SASHA, based at the University of Leeds, is a student organization committed to tackling issues related to sexual assault and rape culture. Through safe spaces, educational initiatives, and a focus on amplifying real-life experiences, SASHA aims to educate, support, and bring about positive changes in attitudes and policies surrounding sexual violence within the university and the wider community.


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