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Flare Partners with BCU Sustainability Society to Promote Student Safety and Environmental Responsibility

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Sustainability Society at Birmingham City University, a group dedicated to making BCU a more environmentally friendly place. The Sustainability Society provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, make friends, and raise their voices during our climate emergency.

Sonia Rani, President of BCU Sustainability Society, expresses her enthusiasm about partnering with Flare

Sonia Rani, President of the Sustainability Society, expressed her enthusiasm for this partnership: "We're thrilled to team up with Flare to champion safety and inclusivity on university campuses. The Sustainability Society and Flare are on a mission to create a positive impact, ensuring students have secure environments in which to thrive."

The society's long-term goal is to plant a tree for every student and member of staff at Birmingham City University, totaling 26,000 trees. They aim to offer opportunities for students to actively participate in tree planting both on and off campus, in collaboration with local organizations to secure funding and support for their visionary goal.

Through this collaboration, Flare and the BCU Sustainability Society will work together to integrate Flare's advanced safety features into the society's initiatives, ensuring that students have access to a reliable and discreet safety solution. Flare's one-tap emergency messaging system aligns seamlessly with the society's commitment to creating secure environments for all students.

At Flare, we believe that personal safety and environmental responsibility are intertwined, and this partnership exemplifies our dedication to these shared values. Together with the BCU Sustainability Society, we are excited to contribute to a safer and more sustainable future on campus and beyond.


About Flare: Flare is an emergency SOS app designed to provide a fast and discreet way for users to send emergency messages. With its unique one-tap feature, users can instantly release an SOS message from their lock screen notification, ensuring help is just a tap away. Tailored especially for young people and students, Flare is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

About BCU's Sustainability Society: The Sustainability Society at Birmingham City University is a vibrant community dedicated to making our university a greener and more environmentally conscious place. Our mission is rooted in the urgent need to address climate change and promote sustainability in all aspects of campus life.


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