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Flare Announces Partnership with Skin For All to Champion Inclusivity

Flare is excited to announce a new partnership with Skin For All (SFA), a groundbreaking initiative founded by Naabil Khan, a third-year medical student at the University of Exeter. The partnership represents a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity, representation, and empowerment in both healthcare, technology and advoacy.

Naabil Khan, founder of Skin For All, expresses enthusiasm about partnering with Flare

Skin For All is dedicated to promoting diversity and representation in healthcare and medical education. By embracing and showcasing the diversity in the presentation of dermatological conditions, SFA makes medical knowledge more accessible, equitable, and relevant to broader healthcare professional and public audiences. SFA's mission aligns entirely with Flare's vision in creating safety tools that are accessible and empowering for everyone.

SFA's Founder, Naabil Khan, commented about the partnership, "Flare is an essential tool in the advocate starter kit, and I’m proud to be a partner of this amazing app and organisation. As founder of Skin For All, I understand the importance of representing the power of grassroots, people-centred initiatives to form a more inclusive future for our future generations."

The partnership between CAUSE and Skin For All is an important step towards integrating the principles of diversity and inclusivity into practical tools that benefit society.


About Flare: Flare is an emergency SOS app designed to provide a fast and discreet way for users to send emergency messages. With its unique one-tap feature, users can instantly release an SOS message from their lock screen notification, ensuring help is just a tap away. Tailored especially for young people and students, Flare is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

About Skin For All (SFA): Founded by Naabil Khan, Skin For All is an initiative that champions diversity and representation in the medical field. Inspired by trailblazers in ethnic minority representation in healthcare, SFA provides an accessible platform to raise awareness and educate on issues of inclusivity in medical education and patient care. Naabil's multifaceted approach, including writing, presenting, and podcasting, reflects her deep commitment to creating a more equitable and informed future in healthcare. Learn more at


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